Types of Panels Solar Companies in Pueblo, Colorado, Provide

solar panel types

Solar power is the way to go in the modern world because sustainable energy is the need of the day. There are a lot of benefits of switching to renewable energy sources, such as the elimination of electricity bills and government support. Before you take a step forward to install the panels, you need to understand the types different solar companies in Pueblo, Colorado, provide. That will allow you to make a better decision of which of those you need for your house or commercial building. In this article, we will discuss the kinds of solar panels to install in homes. So, we suggest you read it thoroughly to better understand the equipment before getting it. 

Solar Panels Companies in Pueblo, Colorado Install

There are several types of these panels you can get from any installation company, but we’ll only discuss three of the basic ones. They mainly differ based on the way they’re built and the efficiency they offer. Read below to learn about those. 

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) is the most common type of equipment solar panel installers in Pueblo, Colorado, provide to their customers. They’re also known as Crystalline Silicon Panels because they’re made of silicon wafers. These wafers are assembled in rows and columns and then covered with a protective glass sheet to create panels. They’re popular because they produce the most electricity and offer an efficiency of about 20%, and can sometimes go beyond it. Their composition and the pattern of silicon chips make them this efficient. 

Thin-film Solar Panels

As the name suggests, thin-film panels are made up of fragile layers of semiconductors, such as cadmium telluride or amorphous silicon fixed to either metal, plastic, or glass. These panels offer high flexibility for being very thin, and there’s no need to install a frame to provide support, making them lighter and easier to install than their counterparts. The size of thin-film panels can also be customized or altered to meet specific needs. Though more lightweight and flexible than PV panels, thin films are less efficient and offer an efficiency between 6% and 11%. 

Solar Thermal Panels 

Solar thermal panels have a slightly different job than the two mentioned above. Photovoltaic and thin-film panels collect solar energy and convert it into electricity, while solar thermal convert it into heat energy. They’re primarily used to warm the water and are mostly used in commercial buildings for this purpose. They’re always roof-mounted to collect a maximum amount of heat and connected to a cylindrical boiler. The major component of this system is a collector that is mounted on the roof because it has to collect solar energy to convert it into heat. Solar thermal panels save you a lot of electricity by warming the water and the interiors of a building through heat from the sun. 

These are the basic types of panels solar companies in Pueblo, Colorado, provide you with. If you have any questions about these systems or want to install these in your residential or commercial building to save money and be energy-efficient, contact expert companies like Red Oak Exteriors to avail of their services.