• Take the full 30% 2022 Federal ITC Tax Credit on the entire Solar Shingle System
  • 200Mph Class 3 Impact Resistant Shingles Rated
  • Any roofer can inspect in the future cause they are made to be walked on.
  • Repairable, replaceable, upgradeable, and recyclable. 


  • Uses 3rd Gen technology by The Dow Chemical Company
  • POWERHOUSETM is already on over 1,000 homes
  • 25-Year Production Warranty
  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.A., so 40% ITC on Solar Shingles
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Roof solar shingles
Roof solar shingles

1 – Solar Shingles

The PowerHouse 3.0 by Red Oak solar shingle modules are the energy collectors designed to also function and look like roofing shingles.

2 – System Pieces

The System Pieces cover the wires that connect rows together. They also allow for visually stunning integration with the asphalt shingles surrounding the solar array. The modules and system pieces are installed by the POWERHOUSE ™ Dealer.

3 – Roof Grommet

A metal Grommet is used to house the wires that pass into the attic space from the modules on the roof. DC wires that are run within the home are required to be enclosed in a metal raceway. The Roof Grommet meets this requirement and mates up with the Through-roof Kit, which is installed by the electrician in the attic.

4 – Through-roof Kit

The Through-roof Kit is used to manage the electrical wires coming from above the roof to below-the-roof electrical equipment. This equipment is installed by the electrician. The Through-roof Kit includes a metal electrical junction box and other components used to terminate the array and begin the wire run to the inverter. The Roof Grommet connects to the Through-roof Kit components.

5 – Rapid Shutdown Contractor Box

The Rapid Shutdown device provides remote disconnect of the solar array. The Rapid Shutdown Device must satisfy local AHJ requirements and the NEC code cycle they are currently using.

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A total roofing solution

• Installed by a POWERHOUSETM Professional along with the regular shingles, giving you a single point of contact for the entire roof.

• Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

• Built to withstand winds from 110-200 mph.

• Earned certifications for performance and safety, offering an exceptional level of quality and durability.

• Visually stunning as a building integrated photovoltaic solution.

• Protects like a traditional roof and provides renewable energy with electrical cost savings.

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Red Oak Roof + Solar works with 3rd party licensed solar installers in the Colorado area based on required permits.

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