Red Oak Exteriors is a One-Stop Solar Company in Pueblo, Colorado

Solar Company In Pueblo

With the increased necessity of environment-friendly and sustainable efforts to save the planet and prevent further global warming, every one of us has a moral obligation to play our roles. That is the reason Red Oak Exteriors is here with its sustainable solutions to make your homes energy-efficient. Our services make us one of the leading solar companies in Pueblo, Colorado. One of the primary reasons for this is the way we interact with customers and do our job. This article discusses the process we follow to install solar panels in your home, from start to finish. So, please read it thoroughly to understand the procedure well. 

The Installation Process We Follow as a Top Solar Company in Pueblo, Colorado

One of our primary services is installing solar systems in your house to help you save on electricity bills. There has to be a procedure for smooth operations and delivery of services, and we follow that. The steps it includes are discussed below. 

You Reaching Out to Us

The whole process begins with you reaching out to us. As a solar panel installer in Pueblo, Colorado, we’ll ask you about your address and average monthly electricity bill. Your location will help us find you on the satellite to overview the house and the area. Meanwhile, the electricity bill allows us to know the amount of electrical energy you need for your home. 

Roof Analysis through Satellite 

After getting the address, location, and electricity bill, we’ll find your home via satellite to overview the roof and analyze what needs to be done and how. The type of roof will determine the amount and kind of work required to install the number of solar panels to meet your energy needs. 

Creating a Quote 

After we analyze your location and roof, we’ll create an accurate quote of the solar installation cost needed for your house. That includes the price of every necessary item and service we’ll provide throughout the process. We can give a detailed report of how we have created the quote. The installation process will begin shortly after you approve the quote and we agree upon it.  

Site Visit

Visiting your location for a physical inspection of the house is an integral part of the solar installation process. Our experts will arrive at your home and survey it thoroughly to develop a plan about where and how to begin the job. They won’t take up a lot of time and won’t create any inconvenience for you during the inspection. 

Plan Execution 

Execution of the plan is the most important and time-consuming step of the whole process. As a professional solar company in Pueblo, Colorado, we bring all the necessary tools and material at once to complete the job as quickly as possible. We provide top-quality solar panels and batteries that last for a very long time so that you don’t have to replace them again and again, saving your time, money, and energy. 

These are the steps we take to install solar panels on the roof of your house and help you save on electricity bills and play your part in environmental sustainability. Red Oak Exteriors also provides a range of roofing solutions to its clients and is known for its professionalism and customer support. Contact us to benefit from our outstanding services.