Best Roofing Materials Solar Companies in Pueblo, Colorado, Recommend

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The roof above your house is expected to be firm, sturdy, and durable because it protects the building from extreme weather conditions and disasters. Protection isn’t the only purpose of a roof now as it has to carry a lot of your electrical appliances like the outdoor units of your HVAC systems and solar panels. That is why almost all the solar companies in Pueblo, Colorado, recommend you to use durable and robust roofing materials. If the roof isn’t firm enough, it may not carry the load of all the hardware fixed on it. This article discusses the materials suggested and recommended by the companies offering solar panels to power your house. Kindly read it thoroughly to get some helpful information. 

Roofing Materials Suggested by Solar Companies in Pueblo, Colorado

You need to ensure that your roof is fit to hold on to the solar panels firmly and carry all that load. So, the material used to build it needs to be solid and rigid. We have listed some of them below and suggest you read them carefully. 


If you look to have a roof that lasts for ages, you better use metals to build it. They are the most durable and long-lasting of all the materials you use for this purpose. They stay where they are for decades and can carry tons of weight without bending or breaking. That is the reason why most solar panel installers in Pueblo, Colorado, recommend homeowners and builders to use them for roofing. The best metals for this purpose can be copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel because they’re all long-lasting and resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Get a metal roof with standing seams for perfect solar panel installation that won’t even move a millimeter. 

Asphalt Shingles 

Asphalt shingles are best known for their flexibility and durability when building a solid roof that can hold heavy hardware. They’re the most used materials in the US because they’re affordable, long-lasting, and go well up to three decades. You can confidently drill holes into these shingles because they don’t crack or break. That means they offer a firm grip when you insert big bolts and studs to ensure that your solar panels are attached assertively to the roof.

Concrete or Clay Tiles 

Concrete and clay are more water-resistant than asphalt and can last even longer than that. That is the reason why solar companies in Pueblo, Colorado, recommend tiles made of these materials because roofs built from them suit panel installation. Installing a frame that holds solar panels is different on this roof than those made from metal and asphalt shingles. You have to remove the tile to drill a hole because concrete may break during drilling. That ensures the panels are installed correctly and firmly to the bottom of the roof. Apart from breakage during drilling, tiles are more durable and long-lasting than shingles, and they can carry the load of the whole solar panel structure for decades.

These are the most reliable and suitable materials to build roofs for solar panel installation. If you have any questions about roofing or want to switch to a renewable energy source, Red Oak Exteriors is one of the top choices you can go for. Contact now for appointments and avail of their services.