Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Home Insulation Through Insulation And Roofing Contractors

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Unlike other home roof components, when your home’s insulation fails, it often may not show any obvious signs. However, this doesn’t reduce the importance of timely insulation replacement. We at Red Oak Exteriors and other reputed Colorado insulation and roofing contractors often get called to look at home insulations once the damage is not repairable. That is because homeowners aren’t sure about the signs that tell them when their home insulation has started to fail. For anyone who isn’t sure about the signs of failing home insulation, we have put together this helpful guide, and we suggest you read this until the end.

 If You Are Experiencing Strange Drafts In Your Home, Then It Is Time To Call Colorado Insulation And Roofing Contractors

Your home interior is supposed to be a sealed environment, and the only air that comes into your home should come from the windows when they are open. However, when all the possible inlets of air are closed, and you can still feel drafts of air inside your home, it is an obvious sign of failing insulation. Colorado insulation and roofing contractors, including our trained experts, suggest that any strange drafts in your home should never be ignored. That is because it often means the barrier between your home interior and exterior has been breached, and your home insulation is not keeping the air out.

Moisture In Your Home Insulation

Just like air isn’t supposed to get into your home, moisture is another unwanted element that insulations are meant to keep out. However, we are often called to inspect moisture in crawl spaces or the attics to find out that the insulation has become moist and the water the making its way into the home’s interior. While your home insulation should not be exposed to moisture if other components are working correctly, when the vents, roof, or siding of your home fails, the insulation can get wet. If your home insulation does get moisture damage, it is often not in a reparable condition. Most forms of insulation, especially the older ones, become useless once exposed to water and lose their integrity.

Signs Of Animal Or Insect Infestation In Your Home Insulation

Since your home insulation is supposed to fill the gap between your home exterior and interior, it is possible that when insulation is not correctly filling this gap, animals and insects can make their way into the walls. Here in Colorado, local roofers such as us often get called to inspect homes that have strange noises coming from the home walls. When we examine the homes’ walls, however, more often than not, insects or small animals are living in the space where the insulation has been damaged or crumbled. So if you are noticing animal activity in between your home walls, then chances are it’s time to replace your home insulation.

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