How Much Does it Cost to Hire Storm Damage Repair Services of a Reputed Roofer?

storm damage repair

Roofs are meant to keep your home and family safe during storms and other harsh weather conditions. However, more often than not, your home roof may itself get damaged during powerful storms. That is where storm damage repair services of roofing companies come in. Reputed roofers such as us at Red Oak Exteriors treat a storm damage repair call as an emergency since a damaged roof can not only be dangerous but can cause more damage if left unrepaired. So if your home experiences storm damage due to a strong storm, then we recommend calling us as soon as possible to get the damage repaired. However, one common question most homeowners eventually ask when they experience storm damage to their roof is how much it will cost to fix it. So to help anyone who might be wondering about how much they can expect to pay for repairing storm damage to their roof, we have created this great article, and we suggest you read it until the end.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Storm-Damaged Roofing Repair Services

Since each home is unique, the cost of repairing the roof after a storm has damaged it also varies, so there is no fixed cost of storm damage repair. When hiring roofing repair services to get storm damage repaired, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars if the damage is not extensive. However, if your roof has been severely damaged, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair since a complete roofing replacement is often necessary. So to help you get a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for storm damage repair, here are some factors you need to keep in mind when estimating the cost of storm repairs:

The extent of the damage: This one is a no-brainer; the more extensive the damaged area of the roof is, the higher the cost of repairs will be. For example, if you have a few shingles missing after a storm, our team can fix them at a minimal cost. However, in most cases, storm damage can span beyond a few broken shingles, and if that is the case, we may have to perform an extensive emergency storm damage repair which can raise the cost.

The roofing materials that your roof is made of: When fixing a section of your home’s roof, we try to make sure that the repaired area of the roof matches the intact one. To achieve this, we have to use the same materials as the ones used in constructing your home roof. So if your roof has been made using expensive materials such as wood or metal, you can expect to pay more for the storm damage repair.

The slope of your roof: Roofers find it hard to work on steep roofs, and when the roof has been compromised during a storm, it can make it even riskier for the roofing team to make their way. So if your roof is too steep, it can cost more in the form of a higher labor fee to repair the storm damage.

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