Happy February from Red Oak Exteriors!

Happy February

It seems like January just flew by. So, before we get any further, we here at ROE would like to reflect on the last year. We are happy to report that as an essential business we were not overly affected by the Global pandemic and statewide shutdowns. However, there were some challenging differences in our day-to-day business practices. Much of our consulting was performed virtually through Zoom or other online methods which we continue to do for the safety of our staff and clients. When necessary to meet in person we will always be wearing a mask and maintaining the proper social distancing.

Pandemic impacts

The pandemic also had an impact on the roofing industry in 2020 when some of the shingle manufacturers were required to shut down for 2 weeks at a time. The normal production hours of these plants were 24-hours a day 7 days a week, so you can imagine the shortages this caused. For those of you who had to change your shingle brand and/or color, thank you so much for being understanding in these challenging times. Covid-19 shutdowns have also created shortages of windows, siding and dimensional lumber.

The current expectation is that these shortages are going to continue well into 2021. This will affect costs and lead times for all contractors. Just like a stone tossed into a pond the ripples of these supply shortages are certain to affect many other areas of life. ROE is committed to keeping you up to date on these and other changes.

Supporting Local

Red Oak Exteriors is a proud supporter of Kids on Bikes, a local non-profit that supports community enrichment and kids’ health through advocating for getting outside on bikes! By creating access to bikes, opportunities to ride and bicycling education, Kids on Bikes aims to empower kids into taking charge of their health and fitness.

In addition, ROE always encourages everyone to shop and support local businesses. Colorado Springs is such an amazing place, and we are overwhelmingly grateful to be able to call it home. During 2021 our clients can rely on us for the same exceptional level of service and support that we always provide. We will continue to keep our clients safe through virtual consultations, mask wearing and social distancing when necessary. ROE staff is looking forward to a safe and productive 2021!

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